Founded in 1773 under the name of Mühendishane-i Bahr-i Hümayun, the main purpose of the educational institution was to develop and implement the weapons to be built in the Ottoman Navy. This institution, which has been transformed into Istanbul Technical University with the changes in the Republican period and providing 226 years of uninterrupted technical education, has prepared research and application projects and provided consultancy services with numerous private organizations, primarily public institutions. Istanbul Technical University aims to take the lead in research and application as well as education, and is taking new steps to bring the information communication infrastructure to the international level. In order to achieve this goal, links have been established with international scientific research institutions and many international projects have been realized in partnership with world universities.

Many changes took place in Istanbul Technical University within the framework of the restructuring in the universities in the 1980s and the research and application projects was left to Application and Research Centers established in various branches. The general objectives set for Urban and Environmental-Planning and Research Center established during this structuring process are as follows:

-To carry out research, examination and development projects and to participate in such activities,
-To cooperate with national and international organizations; to organize courses, seminars, conferences, congresses,
-To carry out researches, investigations, laboratory experiments, expertise and similar works related to the problems of public and private enterprises,
-Conducting projects and similar technical studies, preparing reports and documents explaining scientific and technical data; to participate in bulletins, projects, books, magazines and similar publications.

Urban and Environmental-Planning and Research Center aims to produce solutions to the problems that arise in the country in its field. While review reports and project requests from public institutions, municipalities and private institutions are met, on the other hand, it is aimed to contribute to the knowledge of the country through scientific studies and researches in the related field.

At Istanbul Technical University, all the faculty members working in the departments related to environmental and urbanism are natural members of the center. However, if necessary, experts in other domestic or foreign institutions can take part in projects with the decision of the central board. In addition to implementation and research services, consultancy, project management and supervision services were provided to many organizations.